Vision and Core Values

Fearnley Securities' vision is to be a world class independent and research focused financial advisor for investors and companies operating in our core sectors.

In order to ensure competitiveness, and therefore survival in an industry characterised by intensive national and international competition, it is vital for the company to have certain common values and principles. These values are of such fundamental importance for our business that they deserve to be described in more detail.

INTEGRITY - at Fearnley Securities we believe the best way to build and to maintain trust is to conduct every element of our business according to the highest standards of integrity. We shall have an open dialogue with supervisory authorities, industry organizations, official agencies and other stakeholders, so that our clients and the general public have confidence in our deliveries, evaluations and decisions. Our industry is fiercely competitive, and we aggressively seek to expand our client relationships, however, we must always be fair competitors and never denigrate other firms.

COMPETENCE - at Fearnley Securities we have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. We shall provide knowledge-based brokerage, research and financial advisory services. We shall be a stimulating company that encourages and facilitates organic growth and internal competence development.

COMMERCIAL MIND-SET - at Fearnley Securities we strive to build forward-looking ideas into every conversation, every analysis and every recommendation in order to maximize our clients’ profitability and success. We keep a keen focus on how we can help our clients be more successful.

PROACTIVE - at Fearnley Securities we recognize that the old way may still be the best, however, we constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and the markets they operate in. We shall be professionally curious and proactively challenge accepted truths for the purpose of developing new and creative solutions for our clients.

TEAM ORIENTATION - at Fearnley Securities we value extraordinary individual performance, but our proudest moments have come as a product of our employees working together in teams for the benefit of our clients.